Incredible and Unique Thanksgiving Packages

In Partnership with Westfield Caterers 

For years we have been delivering Thanksgiving Packages. We return this year with our best sellers:

The Thanksgiving Cozy Dinner for 2-3

We deliver to you or to someone you'd like to send this to, a fully prepared and ready to heat (with easy instructions) dinner for two to three people. This package is so great and so easy and has been our best seller year after year. This is our most re-ordered anual special and includes: sliced oven roasted natural turkey with pan gravy, butter whipped potatoes, traditional herb stuffing, fall vegetable medley, candied yams, cranberry, orange and ginger chutney, your choice of apple or pumpkin pie.

The Cozy Dinners are delivered in oven ready cater pans and just need heating for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Each package is freshly prepared in the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning and are then delivered that day! It's really a great idea for an individual, a couple or even for a small group of three. We have spoken to many who have been happy ordering this for themselves and also have spoken to many who have sent these Cozy Dinners as gifts for family or friends. 

CLICK HERE TO ORDER OR FOR MORE INFO and to see the FULL THANKSGIVING FEAST PACKAGE which is also available for delivery on Thanksgiving Day.